• What is possible? Imagining a different world.

    A 3-minute inspirational film shows that climate change is solvable.

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  • Connecting with nature

    A lively tale by Sir David Attenborough about what had inspired his interest in nature.

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  • Climate change, according to children

    Dozens of kids add their voice to "why we should STOP climate change." Watch the video.

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  • Engaging People in Biodiversity Issues

    The alarming rate of biodiversity loss is no secret. Yet, it sometimes feels that our warning just doesn't seem to stick. What to do?

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  • Watch progress report prezi to IUCN Council

    Dr. Zeidler wows Council on yearly activities. Take a look.

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Thought Leadership

Science Communication & Learning

Resonate, astonish, motivate, demonstrate & reconnect: 5 Ways to Frame Biodiversity

The alarming rate and scale of biodiversity loss is no secret — or it least it shouldn’t be. Yet it sometimes feels that no matter how hard we try to explain, repackage, or illuminate the fact that the variety of life on earth is in dramatic decline, the message just doesn’t seem to stick. Conservation organizations and environmental communicators are starting to recognize that simply turning up the volume isn’t enough. We need to think carefully about how we frame these issues so that the problem resonates with people and makes sense in the .. Read More »

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CEC Members in Action

CEC Asia updates

Li’s presentation addressed over 60 participants, including IUCN members in Asia, national committee members in Asia, representati.. Read More »

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Mangal Shakya

Chairman, Wildlife Watch Group

Networking, Nature, Conservation

I have written and edited 12 books relating to biodiversity and conservation issues that pertain to national and international activities. I also ..

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Exploring mechanisms for promoting pro-biodiversity behaviors

Dr. Stanley Asah argues that instead of facts and figures, science based organizations should alter their messaged based on social psychology, which reveals that human brains, in any culture, are hardwired to learn from narratives that touch our emotions, create powerful empathy, and help us understand and remember messages.

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